Mix 20/20

To REGISTER for MIX 2020, call 1-855-456-2141

To talk to DISPATCH, call 1-855-987-2020


Beginning immediately: Register by filling out and submitting the Skills Sheet you received in the mail at home, or find the skill sheet for your craft below and fill it out online.


If you are currently unemployed: If you are currently unemployed or become unemployed between now and October 3, 2016, add yourself to the out-of-work list by calling your Local referral hall or out-of-work list. Remember to let your hall know if you become employed prior to October 3.


Beginning October 3: If you become unemployed October 3 or later, call the MIX 2020 dispatch office at 1-855-456-2141 to be placed on the out-of-work list. Contractor will conduct job callouts via the MIX 2020 system beginning October 3 and out-of-work members will be called for jobs using the system.


Please click on the video below for more information.

Fill out Skill Sheet here

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