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About Carpenters Local 1260


Carpenters Local 1260 is affiliated with The United Brotherhood Of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC), North America's Largest Building-trades Union. Members in Local 1260 join with the UBC's more than a half-million members in the construction and wood-products industries.


The work of Local 1260 members builds on the union's nearly 130 year history of improving life through hard work, education, and solidarity.


Union members are dedicated to working to help signatory contractors succeed in today's highly completive marketplace. The skilled workers of Local 1260 are dedicated to extending the legacy of superior work - done right the first time, safety on the job, and a partnership for excellence with our signatory contractors. If you are a contractor who wishes to affiliate with the skilled workers of local 1260, contact the business manager and request information about signing on as a signatory contractor. If you are a carpenter who would like to affiliate with the union, investigate opportunities to become a union carpenter on our "become a member" page.


Carpenters Local 1260 represents members in seventeen Iowa counties in the South Central/Southeast area of the state (see map). We are affiliated with the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters.. We maintain a Joint Apprenticeship and Training Center in Cedar Rapids that serves carpenter locals in Central and Eastern Iowa, as a cooperative service group to deliver apprenticeship/journeyman training opportunities (JATC).




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History of United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners




A brief history from it's origins during 300 A.D. as guilds. Carpentry has been recognized since the 1200s. In the mid-1800s guilds gave way to union organizations. First established on August 11, 1881, the first union local - Local #1, still exists in Chicago.


Today local carpenters unions, such as Carpenters Local 1260, are affiliated with Regional Councils. Local 1260 is affiliated with The North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters. The regional council provides the construction and maintenance industries with productive, competitive and certified professional carpenters.


In November 2002, Carpenters Local 1260 held its 100-year celebration of building and serving its community.


During those 100 years Local 1260 has some unique events in its own history. One of those milestones includes the first woman in the nation to complete an apprenticeship with the carpenter's union. In 1975, Dale McCormick became a journeyman after completing that historic apprenticeship with local 1260 in Iowa City, Iowa. McCormick eventually moved to Maine and became active as an author and a political figure in Maine.


You can also read about the history of Local 1260 in Building Solidarity by John McKerley. This book is also available at the hall.


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