United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America






Carpenters Local 1260

1008 William St. Suite 101A

Iowa City, IA 52240
PH: (319)338-1638

FAX: (319)338-3714


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If you are a member of 1260 and working outside the 1260, 308 & 678 areas, you need to have reciprocity forms filled out and turned in to make sure your funds go where they need to and do not laps.


If you have already filled these out and have them on file then contact the office and let them know where you are working. 319-338-1638

Reciprocity Forms

Carpenters Union Local 1260  |  1008 William St Suite 101A., Iowa City IA 52240  |  PH 319-338-1638  |  FX 319-338-3714